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After hours of anxiously pacing around the room, and a tough battle with my thoughts, I decided to just do it, in the end, I had nothing to lose. I put on my windbreaker, strapped my shoes, and stormed off to seek knowledge from this “Bu Kolthoum”. At this point, I had no idea what to expect, that idiot only sent me the coordinates and “Entrance from the side” in a text. I was severely uninformed.

في مخاوف و شياطين بالحياة ما بتتواجه غير هيك

Name:            Bu Kolthoum 
Alter-ego:    Bo´Bo´
Strength:     Versatility and                                        a bit of hostility
Pet peeves:   Entitled people

Field:        Producer, Rapper & Singer
Albums:   Inderal (2015), Bo’Bo’ (2017),
untitled album (2021)

Uniqueness: can exhibit deep emotions
and shred you to pieces simultaneously 

Current Location:  Cassini, Titan 


The location seemed quite strange; I found myself standing in front of an old abandoned boxing gym in the middle of the city, and in the midst of all that noise, I could hear Sean Price tracks blasting from the gym windows. As I walked down the side of the building, into this long narrow corridor, the music just kept getting clearer.
I gathered all the confidence I had, and knocked on the door.

Arabic Rap Artist

Meeting Bu Kolthoum

Suddenly, the music stopped, “You better be on your best behavior” I heard beings yelled from behind the door as footsteps gradually became louder along with my anxious heartbeats.

Bu opened the door, and just stood there in silence for moments without uttering a single word.

“Uhm hi, I’m Belatsunat, my friend Amatnim told me to come here, uhm to meet with, uhm, a Mr. Bu Kolthoum, is he around here?, or do you know where I can find him?” I spoke in a cracking voice, realizing, that I have no idea what I am doing here, who this Bu Kolthoum is, and whether or not this person standing in front of me has any clue what in the hell I’m talking about.

“Come on in, we’ve been expecting you” Bu said. “I hope you’re not one of those entitled brats looking for a quick fix”


 “I’m Bu Kolthoum” he introduced himself as he sat back on a recliner “what can I do for you?”

“I’m not quite sure, as I said, my friend Amatnim thought that talking to you might help me out, I guess.”  I answered him in hopes of not having to explain myself any further.

“I see, I see,” said Bu

“BUU! WHAT THE F@#K DID YOU DO TO MY SANDWICH?!!” an angry shout came thundering from the shadows of the back room.

“That’s Bo’Bo’, never mind him, he doesn’t bite, just try not to engage him” Bu said with complete calmness

“So you’re a rapper?” I asked

“He’s more than just a rapper, apparently he’s AlSo aN r&B sInGeR” Bo’Bo’ mockingly responded

“Would you just shut up bro?” Bu resonded

“What’s his deal?” I whispered to Bu

“Ahh, his deal… his deal…, you see, when you change planets as much as I did, you don’t always take your people along for the ride; at some point I thought it would be a good idea to buy one of those modifiable shadow cloning devices, and I put all my rage, fury, and a combination other emotions and traits into this clone, thought it would be helpful if I communicated with him, and he would keep me company, after a while, I just started liking him that I don’t even turn off the machine anymore, plus he has a really mean flow” Bu explained.

Listening to him talk so comfortably, and looking at Bo’Bo I could tell he has a wide spectrum of emotions, that he seems to be accepting of in a remarkable manner. You could almost see a mixture of colors surrounding him, vigorous yellow, raging red, and hues of blues stemming down to his roots. It is very rare that I meet an individual that can exhibit and seamlessly balance all these emotions and be transparent, and somewhat mysterious at the same time, although I could feel his emotions, but I could tell that all of these are just remnants that made their way to the surface.

“So… tell me, for a person who has this wide range of feelings and emotions, how do you control the flooding of it all?” I asked

“well, I simply pour all that I am into what I do, it not only helps me deal with everything that is on my mental, but it also, pushes me over the edge, an pulls me back with a more clearer understanding of myself, who I am, what I can do, how can I continuously surprise myself, you know?” Bu answered as he leaned back further on the recliner.

“It’s kind of uncommon for rappers especially to show this level of vulnerability,” I pointed out

“I’m not just a rapper” Bu responded

“Told you so” Bo’bo’ affirmed, sticking his head out of the shadows again.

“Would you please just shut up. As I was saying, I don’t like putting myself in boxes, or limited frames; I am who I am, Bu, Bo’Bo’, and I live to learn how to uncover and accept every aspect of myself. And most importantly, I don’t play myself or trick myself, I portray everything that I am through everything I create, everything I produce. In the end, I am my own worst critic, and if I sense that what I make isn’t Bu, then what the hell is it?”

“What about when you’re not feeling yourself, or demotivated, or going through a rough patch, how do you keep pushing, how do you keep creating?” I asked trying my best to make it seem as if I am asking for a friend.

“That’s the beauty of it; if you’re true to yourself, and courageous enough to accept your identity in that point in time in its’ rawest form, and to manifest all that through your creations, then all of these complicated flavors are also incorporated in what you do. I don’t wait for stars to align to attain my destiny, I battle the cosmos internally and externally to get to where I need to be, it was never meant to be easy. I am all my levels of mentality, all the phases of emotions, all the time, and I’ll be damned if I’m expected to shut it all down for no reason” Bu poetically made things clear. “We’ve been talking all this time, but you still didn’t tell me what you needed help with?”

“I think I got what I came here for.” I stated while he looked completely confused as to what the hell I’m talking about.

Ever since this encounter with Bu Kolthoum I’ve been listening to his songs with a slightly unveiled ear, I came to not only appreciate the art and the content of his creations, but also, the amount of devotion he has to putting his authenticity throughout everything he does.

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Middle Beast X Bu Kolthoum Collaboration

The MB X BU Collaboration signifies the beginning of a new era, a shared goal combining BU’s sound with MB’s visuals.


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