Block the Noise Longsleeve – Black


Middle Beast Wear’s “Block the Noise” Long Sleeve is a statement piece for those who vibe to the beat of their own drum. The front is all about that sleek, understated swag, a minimalist aesthetic that speaks to the soul of the streets. Turn it around and you’re hit with the bold graphic of an MPC machine, the quintessential tool for beatmakers and the heart of the urban music scene. This long sleeve is more than just fabric and thread; it’s a testament to the rhythm of life and the beats that move us. It’s a call to focus, to block out the static and keep your eyes on the prize. With “block the noise” subtly inscribed below the graphic, it’s a wearable mantra for the modern-day hustler who knows that to create the soundtrack of their life, sometimes they need to tune out the world.

Rock this piece, and you’re not just wearing a long sleeve; you’re wearing a piece of the culture, a homage to the creators, the artists, and the street-savvy individuals who craft music and style with equal finesse.
100% cotton

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