Concrete Flower


Middle Beast Wear’s “Concrete Flower” T-Shirt is a tribute to the grind, a salute to those who’ve grown strong through struggle. The stark graphic on the back — a vivid flower rooted in the cityscape, touched by the sun — is a raw representation of perseverance, of finding a way to rise up through the cracks of the concrete jungle.

This tee is cut from premium grey cotton, soft to the touch, offering comfort as a contrast to the hard edges of urban life. It’s a statement piece that speaks to the journey, the comfort we clothe ourselves in mirroring the comfort we seek to find in our lives, despite the harshness of our beginnings.

For the street-hardened soul who finds beauty in the battle, the “Concrete Flower” T-Shirt isn’t just wear; it’s a wearable testament to endurance, to the relentless spirit of the Middle Beast that thrives against the odds.

Heavy cotton premium t-shirt
100% Cotton

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