Corduroy Cap “To the moon and back” – Black


Middle Beast Wear’s “To the Moon and Back” Cap is a poignant representation of yearning and the depth of our journeys, both physical and emotional. The Arabic inscription “إلى القمر والعودة” — “To the Moon and Back” — is not just a phrase but a metaphor for the distances we travel in search of something more, a testament to the lengths we go to find our place in the world.

Set against the timeless black of the cap’s ribbed knit fabric, the message speaks to a universal quest for belonging and a shared sense of displacement. It’s for anyone who’s ever longed for a return, for a feeling of home that may not be tied to a place but to moments, memories, or people.

This cap goes beyond fashion; it’s an intimate piece that connects with the wearers on a deeper level, resonating with the silent stories of hopes and dreams that we carry with us. Middle Beast Wear’s “To the Moon and Back” Cap is for everyone who carries within them the quiet hope of return and the resilience of the human spirit.

* Handwashing is advisable.

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