Culture not Tradition Hoodie –Grey


Middle Beast Wear’s “Culture Not Tradition” Hoodie presents a thoughtful juxtaposition in a world where the dynamic flow of culture constantly interacts with the pillars of tradition. Emblazoned on a stark black backdrop, the phrase “culture not tradition.” invites a dialogue on evolution versus constancy. This isn’t about discarding the past; it’s about questioning and understanding the essence of what guides us forward. The Hoodie, a classic black canvas, becomes a medium for reflection, bearing the signature “- Beyond Borders -” that captures the brand’s vision for a world where cultural exchange is boundless, yet mindful of its roots.

This garment is for the individual who respects the foundation laid by tradition but is not afraid to challenge and reinterpret it in the light of today’s ever-changing cultural landscape. It’s for those who recognize that while traditions are the threads of history, culture is the fabric that weaves new stories. Middle Beast Wear’s creation is a wearable manifesto that honors the balance between what was and what could be, inviting wearers to partake in the narrative of contrast and continuity.

Heavy cotton premium Hoodie
100% Cotton

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