MB Gloves


Maintain your grip and make a statement with the Middle Beast Wear ‘Kufi Square Logo’ Black Gloves. These gloves aren’t just about keeping your hands warm; they’re about bringing that Middle Beast ethos to every detail of your look. Designed with the urban maverick in mind, these gloves feature the sharp ‘Kufi Square Logo’, symbolizing the brand’s fusion of tradition and modern streetwear. Crafted with a commitment to quality, the gloves offer a textured palm for superior grip, ensuring you’re ready for whatever the streets throw at you. The snug fit seals in warmth, making them ideal for those crisp urban nights or chilly mornings. Whether you’re out in the city or on a night ride.
The Kufi script is one of the oldest calligraphic forms of the various Arabic scripts and is named after the city of Kufa in Iraq, where it was commonly used. It is characterized by its angular and square-shaped letter forms and has been widely used in the Islamic world for centuries, especially in early manuscripts of the Quran. This script is not only appreciated for its aesthetic qualities but also for its historical significance in Islamic art and culture. The Middle Beast Wear logo draws inspiration from this traditional script, blending historical artistry with contemporary fashion.

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